Denver Preschool Program

De Bueno a Excelente: ORGANIZACIÓN DEL SALÓN (CLASS Module 2)

This training is offered for child care providers in the Denver community. As part of the Denver Preschool Program they are free for you and are meant to help you stay current in all that is happening in the field of early learning.

Registration is available online at The deadline to register is one week prior to the scheduled training date. 

Descripción: En este taller vemos las prácticas y estrategias específicas de enseñanza que promueven el manejo de conducta eficaz, la productividad en el aula, y el interés en las actividades de aprendizaje.
Fecha y Hora: Miércoles, 1 de marzo, 2017 5:00pm—8:00pm
Lugar: Clayton Training Center, 3975 M.L.K. Blvd Denver, CO 80205
Entrenadores: Susan Fabian, Clayton Early Learning

Clock hours aligned with the Early Childhood Workforce Competencies will be available for all trainings unless otherwise noted. Attendees will receive a certificate at the end of each training as documentation for these clock hours.