Denver Preschool Program

Contractor Opportunities 

The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) is soliciting professional services for a qualified organization to complete the following services
Customer Service
Enrollment and Eligibility
Data Management
Tuition Credit Scale Development

Proposals, including the electronic version on a USB flash drive and ten (10) printed bound copies, are to be in either a sealed envelope or box and must be received by the Denver Preschool Program’s Lead Officer at the listed address no later than 5:00 p.m. MT on January 13, 2017 in order to be considered:

David A. Collins
Director of Operations
Denver Preschool Program
305 Park Ave West, Suite B
Denver, CO 80205

Pre-Proposal Conference Questions:

1.) Are the customer call center services currently offered by one company?
a. Yes

2.) Do children start in the end of August and then go until June?
a. DPP’s program year runs September 1-August 31. More than half of the children are enrolled in September and stay with for most or all of the school year. Last year DPP was still enrolling in April, as children can enroll any time they want.
b. There are points in time in which the contractor is managing applications for two different school years (especially in January and February when DPS does enrollment for their upcoming school year). Tuition credit amounts could also be different for each year.

3.) How did DPP come up with the amounts of $525,000, $551,000 and $577,500? What was the basis?
a. DPP looked at what they had paid in the past. They were raising the contract amount by 5% every year, and this is 15% above because it hasn’t been raised in two years and an additional 5% was included to make the RFP process more competitive.

4.) If an offshore company was used it could be done for considerably less money, is that allowed?
a. DPP doesn’t have an official position

5.) If the company is in Northglenn, is it not considered Denver-based?
a. No

6.) What is the rate of success for new contractors to succeed on an RFP?
a. DPP executed the RFP process for all other contracts in the last 16 months, and several new contractors were brought on board as a result.

7.) Will you allow for an additional scope items to be proposed?
a. Yes, we welcome recommendations to improve our systems.

8.) Do appendixes count towards the page limit?
a. Not if it’s a demonstrative document of what your proposal is

9.) Can we add additional recommended service levels?
a. Yes. DPP requires minimums for application turnaround time, etc. If there’s another item that should be tracked, DPP would want a recommendation.

10.) Will you allow for an offshore call center/Enrollment and Eligibility center?
a. DPP doesn’t have a position either way. There may be concerns about not having the E&E team here locally to interact with, as there is a requirement to meet regularly in person without major travel costs.
b. DPP places a high value on cultural competency in regards to the specific Denver population.

11.) Will every evaluator be scoring the budget on their own?
a. Yes, each arrives at a value on each scoreable area.
b. People are allowed to change their score based on the discussion that is had at the group RFP review discussion.
c. Scores can change based on the presentation to the group (TBD as to whether or not there will be presentations)

12.) Is it safe to say that the evaluators take the budget in the context of the RFP?
a. Yes, DPP is not looking for the lowest bid, as quality is most important. The money that is being spent just needs to be justified.

13.) How will enrollment openings be ascertained?
a. DPP is still working on it, and in the last year have been piloting receiving how many open chairs vs. total chairs providers have when they submit attendance.
b. The possible Enrollment Specialist could be the “information gatherer”.