Board of Directors

Amber Münck

Amber Münck – Secretary

Assistant County Attorney - Jefferson County | Founder & Chief Guide at Cosmic Wilderness Adventures

Amber is an experienced personal mentor and coach who has devoted her life to partnering with clients to become attuned to their essential being and achieve goals for life betterment and personal empowerment. Her professional education and experience includes degrees in psychology and criminal justice, a juris doctorate in law, and over twenty years as a legal counselor with a passion for integrating strategic problem solving and mindfulness principles.  As her focus shifted over the years toward a more personal exploration into understanding and healing trauma in the human psyche, Amber cultivated mentorship and study under numerous gifted teachers, scientists and healers of various disciplines including The Narrative Enneagram and family dynamics, Jungian principles, Tibetan Buddhism, attachment theory, qi gong and subtle energy. The fusion of these diverse methodologies of understanding the world and the human psyche affords Amber a unique perspective and approach that she is blessed to infuse into her mentoring practice, Cosmic Wilderness Adventures (CWA). CWA aims to support people with a history of trauma to clear the painful beliefs and ideas that have limited their potential and come into a present felt sense of embodiment, choice and aliveness.