Board of Directors

Stacie Gilmore

Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore

Denver City Council - District 11

Stacie Gilmore is a proud fourth generation Coloradan. She is honored to represent the Front Door to Denver – District 11 as Councilwoman for the City and County of Denver. She believes citizens deserve to live in a community that has smart economic growth, jobs that lead to careers, and a beautiful neighborhood where the quality of life supports their health and well-being. She currently serves as the Chair of the Business, Arts, Workforce and Aeronautical Services council committee and the Economic Workforce Development working group. She is also a member of the Safety, Housing, Education, and Homelessness committee as well as the Special Issues – Marijuana committee. Stacie serves on the boards of the Denver Airport Management Advisory Committee, Denver Preschool Program, Metro Area County Commissioners, Welfare Reform Board and the Office of Strategic Partnerships Commission. 


Stacie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and chemistry from Metropolitan State College of Denver and graduated summa cum laude from Regis University with a Masters in nonprofit management as a Colorado Trust Fellow. Prior to serving as the District 11 Councilwoman, she was involved in environmental and conservation education since 1990 and worked for state natural resource agencies before co-founding Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) in 1996. After almost two decades as the Executive Director of ELK, raising over $6M in her tenure, Stacie was honored by The White House as a Champion of Change for Engaging the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders.