Good to Great (CLASS® ) Module 1: Emotional Support

January 255:30 PM - January 258:30 PM

Good to Great (CLASS® ) Module 1: Emotional Support

Description: Participants will engage in discussions regarding classroom strategies to support the development of each child’s   social competence (Module 1), create an environment that maximizes each child's opportunity to learn (Module 2), & support each child’s development of higher-level critical thinking skills (Module 3). Participants also have the opportunity to develop a plan for applying at least one new teaching strategy in the classroom from each module.  

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018  

Times: 5:30pm—8:30pm  

Location: Paddington Station, 1301 Quebec St. Denver, CO 80220

Trainers: Representative of Clayton Early Learning 

Price: FREE for DPP-related staff*, $15 for all others 


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