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Catholic Charities Child Development Center

1155 Decatur ST, Denver 80204

(720) 799-9279

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM   Ages 6 Weeks to 6 Years  

Summer + School Year

Preschool-Aged Openings: 5

Heather Shea

Catholic Charities has been providing child care services in the Sun Valley neighborhood since 1995 and Head Start services since 1997. This neighborhood was chosen by Catholic Charities for Head Start services because of the extremely high number of statistics documenting the need for services for this high risk population. Sun Valley is the poorest neighborhood in Denver. '90% of 1,500 residents live in subsidized housing where the median household income is only $8,000 a year' (Jeremy P. Meyer, Denver Post, April 20, 2013). The Child Development Center (CDC) serves pregnant women, 16 infants, 24 toddlers, 32 preschoolers and includes Head Start, Early Head Start, Child Care, Colorado Preschool Program, Denver Preschool Program. CDC is located on the ground level of a transitional housing program, Decatur Place Apartments, operated by Mercy Housing. Approximately 40% of the families that attend CDC live in Decatur Place. CDC is conveniently located along major bus routes and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) completed the installation of a major Light Rail station just 2 blocks north of the center in 2013. Catholic Charities often provides bus tokens for families in need. The Sun Valley Projects, owned by DHA, are also within walking distance to CDC and Fairview, the local elementary school, is located directly across the street.

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