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Larks Preschool

730 S Logan ST, Denver 80209


8:30 AM to 3:30 PM   Ages 2 Years to 5 Years  

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Larks play-based philosophy stems from their own beliefs about early childhood education and is inspired by Reggio-Emilia based principles. While playing, children learn about themselves and their world. As a Reggio-inspired program, they also emphasize documentation, communication and 'setting the child up for success.' At Larks, the child is viewed as strong and capable and they create an environment that supports this belief by gently leading the child to explore the classroom freely and discover within themselves their own strengths and abilities. Teacher-guided and child-led, Larks is a vibrant and lively alternative to traditional childcare programs. Larks Preschool goes one step more: by celebrating the uniqueness of each child and their individual learning style, they create a community where respect for each other, and mutual responsibility further supports a sense of connectedness with the world around them. They have built a home at Larks Preschool. It is the safe, supportive environment where children, families and teachers thrive! At Larks, they view themselves as partners and collaborators with parents in an effort to foster individual competencies for the child's future success. They believe success in school and success in life are interrelated and teaching provides the opportunity to help a child reach their full potential, to the benefit of their future academic and social competence.

Colorado Shines Rating Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4

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Last Updated: 05/20/2022

Larks Preschool

730 S Logan ST, Denver 80209

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