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Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten

1980 Dahlia ST, Denver 80220


8:30 AM to 3:30 PM   Ages 3 Years to 6 Years  

School Year Only

Preschool-Aged Openings: Information Unavailable

Kimberly Siffring

Montview Community Preschool is a parent cooperative that honors childhood by supporting diverse families and by educating children in a play-based environment, emphasizing the joy of discovery, creativity, wonder, and empowerment. Their beautiful, spacious classrooms offer rich materials and activities that encourage growth and development of language, cognition, fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional competence, creativity and problem solving. Their low adult/child ratios (1:5 or 1:6) ensure individualized attention and responsive care-giving. Their teaching staff is of the highest quality with degreed and experienced teachers in every classroom. Parent participation is required and highly valued at Montview. Their parents provide meaningful classroom support, service on school committees, and leadership on our governing board. They believe that parent/teacher partnerships determine, in large part, positive outcomes for children throughout their school years. They have built a strong sense of community at Montview, with parents and teachers working together to create the best early learning environment for our children. They offer 2, 3, and 4 day a week classes with mixed ages, 3 through 5 years. They offer a traditional preschool experience (3 hour class days) as opposed to full day childcare. They embrace diversity and inclusion. Montview is fully licensed, a NAEYC Accredited school, a 4 star Qualistar rated program, and a proud DPP provider. In addition to DPP funding, they have a healthy financial aid program for families who qualify. Call their office at 303-322-7296 to schedule a tour and to see first hand how their play-based environment instills a love of learning that lasts a lifetime!

Colorado Shines Rating Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4Colorado Shines Rating: 4

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Last Updated: 06/22/2022

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