At the Denver Preschool Program, we were relieved to see unprecedented accountability in the guilty verdict handed down in the case of George Floyd’s murder. However, no verdict can undo the injustice done to Mr. Floyd and his family nor does it change the fact that systemic racism still exists. BIPOC communities continue to face unacceptable injustices each and every day.

We know that, like Gianna Floyd, the children in our own community are watching and depend on us to ensure that they won’t have to spend the rest of their lives experiencing the painful realities of racism and oppression, but rather see the needle move towards more permanent change. Equitable access to quality housing, employment, healthcare, food access and education are basic rights and we do not take lightly the importance of continuing to provide equitable high-quality early childhood education to Denver’s youngest learners.

Despite that fact that there is still much work to be done, we remain hopeful that this verdict represents a turning point in our country and a big step in the right direction down the long road towards racial equality.