DPP Enrollment Team

Meet the Enrollment Team

The DPP enrollment team at MetrixIQ is an instrumental part of the behind the scenes efforts at DPP. They process all family applications and attendance reports and manage our call center. To learn more about the DPP enrollment team, we thought we would share a little about Jenny, Meghan, Cindy, Mauricio and Carlos.

Jenny has been Program Manager at Metrix since October 2015 and has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in business. Before coming to Metrix, she spent more than 20 years as a plant manager at a chemical plant and is a process improvement expert. Jenny has a 7- and 9-year-old, which helps her to understand parents’ and providers’ concerns. She is passionate about helping the community, and enjoys hearing the great ways in which DPP effects families when she talks with them over the phone. Jenny enjoys playing soccer, is the youngest of six children and tries to do something each day that scares her to help her grow as a person.

Meagan hails from Texas and came to Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in property development at the University of Denver. Meagan started as a hairstylist and manager of a hair salon, and transferred her customer service skills to the DPP enrollment team in late 2016. She loves helping families and providers with both large and small tasks. In her free time she enjoys hiking in the mountains and cheering for the Dallas Stars – that’s hockey for those of you who may not be “puck” fans.

Originally from Kentucky where she learned to drive a tractor at the age of 7, Cindy moved to Colorado in the early 80s with her husband and three children. Cindy received a master’s degree in horticulture and worked for a college loan company (also enjoying a brief stint of taking time off working to travel) before joining the Metrix team. Cindy enjoys the positive atmosphere she experiences each day and loves being part of an organization that helps Denver’s kids and families. Cindy has the travel bug and her favorite trip was to the Scottish Ortney Islands where she saw ancient ruins. She is looking forward to visiting New Zealand next.

Mauricio is a Colorado native, with his mom being from Denver and his dad from Mexico. Mauricio received his bachelor’s degree in English writing from Metro State, and has put it to good use—he was the editor of Thornton High’s school newspaper and has been writing about fashion and art for Westword since 2012. His desire to connect with the Denver community brought him to Metrix earlier this year. His favorite aspect of his role is working with the families and hearing how thankful they are when they get approved for DPP funding. Mauricio is writing a novel and screenplay and enjoys writing and playing music.

Carlos is the newest member of the enrollment team and is new to Denver as well. Carlos moved to the Mile High City last year from his hometown of Madrid, Spain. He graduated in Madrid with a business degree and then went on to get his Master’s in finance, which led to jobs in mortgage and financial planning. In both of these positions, Carlos took pride in working with others to help them achieve their goals. Metrix is Carlos’ first job abroad, and he is proud that he gets to help in another way in the U.S. In his free time, Carlos enjoys volunteering around Denver.