May Provider News

Attendance Reminder for Schools Closed over the Summer

If your program closes over the summer, please be sure to send your final month’s attendance before you go on break! May attendance is due no later than June 20, while June attendance is due no later than July 20. If you have any questions, please contact our enrollment and attendance team at 303-595-3477 or

Earn Extra $$ for Your School!

20 for 20 logo

We’re excited to announce that the Denver Preschool Program will continue our $20 for 20 Enrollment Incentive Program for the 2018-2019 school year.

For every Denver family with a 4-year-old enrolled in your program that is approved to receive tuition support from the Denver Preschool Program for the 2018-2019 school year by October 1, 2018, you’ll receive a check from DPP for $20, for the 20 minutes it takes a family to fill out the application. You are free to choose how you want to use -these dollars—classroom materials, staff bonuses, professional development—however you see fit!

You will be receiving a digital packet of materials from us via email  that has all you need to promote DPP to the families of your 4-year-olds (please let us know if you would like printed copies as well). Included will be:

-A letter to parents explaining the new program

-A DPP application to attach in an email to parents (also available for download online)

-A poster to promote the program

We’d like to help you get your families signed up early with a Sign-up Social, so that you can benefit from these extra funds. Socials are a convenient resource for DPP preschools to have DPP representatives on-hand to assist families with the application process and address a variety of questions related to the program.  Graduation, end-of-the-year picnics and other parent nights are all great times to hold a Social at your school. To register your school for a Sign-up Social, simply complete this online form. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Tricia Nelson at or 720-287-5055 ext. 180.

Please note: Only DPP community- or home-based schools located in Denver County are eligible for the Enrollment Incentive Program

One Book 4 Colorado Wrap-Up

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The 7th year of One Book 4 Colorado (OB4CO) has officially come to a close – we hope all of your preschoolers enjoyed this year’s book, Groovy Joe: Dance Party Countdown by Eric Litwin, as much as we did! A special thank you to all of the schools that hosted a reading at their school, or joined us for a OB4CO event at the State Capitol, Denver Zoo or Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Several hundred children were able to get a fun and memorable reading of this year’s book at these events, thanks to all of you. We look forward to next year!

Share the News of the Tuition Credit Scale Increase

Earlier this year we announced that the Denver Preschool Program tuition credit scale will be increasing by 10.7 percent for the 2018-2019 school year. Please help us spread the great news by sharing a Facebook post and/or newsletter article with your families:

Facebook Post:

Hey parents, have you heard the great news? The Denver Preschool Program (@dpp_org) has increased its Tuition Credit Scale by 10.7 percent starting this fall to help make preschool even more affordable for ALL Denver families with a 4-year-old. Sign up today!

Link to:

Newsletter Article:

More funds available for Denver families with a preschooler in 2018-2019

Starting this fall, the Denver Preschool Program is offering ALL Denver families with a 4-year-old 10.7 percent more tuition credits to help make preschool even more affordable. As always, funds are available on a sliding scale so that families with the greatest need receive the most support.

Visit to sign up!

Mandatory Meetings

Thank you to everyone who has attended a provider meetings thus far—we appreciate you taking the time to meet with us. As these meetings are required, please make sure a representative from your preschool has attended or will attend one of the meetings. Failure to attend will mean your preschool will not be eligible to sign the 2018-2019 Provider Agreement. If a representative from your preschool has not yet signed up or was unable to go to the meeting they originally planned to attend, please contact Angeles Ross at

2018-2019 DPP Provider Agreement Renewal Process

The annual DPP provider agreement renewal process is open. Please have your site’s director or primary contact login to to start the process. In addition to completing the online portion of the renewal, sending the required documents and signing the provider agreement, all providers also need to have a representative attend at least one of the mandatory provider meetings. Email Angeles Ross at to sign up, if you have not yet done so.

We look forward to partnering with your program during 2018-2019! Please reach out to Chris Miller at with any questions.

DPP is Expanding Quality Improvement Resources to 3-Year-Old Preschool Classrooms

DPP is excited to announce that starting soon, ALL of your preschool classrooms will be eligible for coaching, curriculum/child assessment tools, classroom learning materials, professional development trainings, scholarship opportunities and achievement awards! We are expanding our quality improvement (QI) resources to all 3-year-old preschool classrooms in Denver County DPP sites to better support teachers and programs. An important note: this is only related to QI resources and not tuition credits. We will be launching a pilot rollout of these resources this summer and will fully implement them for the 2018-2019 school year, so stay tuned for more details very soon.

We are looking forward to offering you and your teachers more resources to support your great work. Please reach out to Chris Miller at with any questions.