Board of Directors

Nathaniel Cradle

Co-Founder, Venture for Success Preparatory Learning Center

In 2013, Nathaniel Cradle’s vision and dedication to early education culminated in the founding of Venture for Success Preparatory Learning Center (VFS Prep), a non-profit ECE program in Northeast Denver. Recognizing and addressing systemic issues related to subpar care and economic challenges, he filled a crucial void in early education support for the community.

Nathaniel is distinguished by his innovative approach to early education and an unwavering dedication to community engagement. This potent combination of innovation and community-centric vision has catalyzed transformative changes in the educational sector. Drawn by his commitment to children’s welfare, Nathaniel joined the Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children (COAEYC), eventually ascending to the role of board chair. Under his leadership in 2020, COAEYC secured pivotal funding, enabling members to attend key NAEYC conferences on public policy. This funding also fortified board governance, provided scholarships, and enhanced the organization’s structure and processes, amplifying its mission to champion quality early education.

In an environment where adult learners often grapple with limited resources, Nathaniel’s groundbreaking initiative in establishing Northeast Denver’s (Montbello) first ECE Professional Training Center has been pivotal. This facility not only empowers over 100 adult learners but also serves as a beacon of hope in a community where academic achievement can be elusive due to economic and resource constraints. By providing accessible education and training, the center directly addresses the teacher employment gap and the broader issue of educational inequality, offering a tangible pathway to success for many who previously saw none.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Nathaniel is an avid outdoors enthusiast. He relishes the thrill of skiing down snowy slopes, carving through powder on a snowboard, and navigating the challenging currents of white river rafting.

Today, as the Co-Founder and President of Venture for Success Preparatory Learning Center, Nathaniel continues his mission of improving early education quality, generating employment opportunities, and bridging resources for families. His alliance-building acumen showcases exceptional skills in nonprofit organizational management, ensuring children and families receive the support they need through strategic partnerships.