Denver-Area Inclusive & Sensory-Friendly Parks & Playgrounds

As the days get longer and warmer, you might be looking to fill your schedule with family-friendly fun. Whether it’s visiting the playground, exploring museums, or having backyard adventures, there are plenty of easy and enjoyable ways to encourage learning and play in Denver this summer. Denver Preschool Program has put together this overview of inclusive and sensory-friendly parks and activities in the Denver area. 

Inclusive playgrounds and parks are designed to welcome people of all abilities, particularly children. These playgrounds are designed so all children can play, learn, and develop together. These spaces offer open and secure environments featuring sensory elements such as textured surfaces and soothing color schemes. They also incorporate ramps and accessible pathways, ground-level play options, and peaceful areas for relaxation.

Inclusive playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular as more communities are realizing the value of these spaces for children and caregivers alike.  Check out this list of inclusive playgrounds in the Denver area to explore with your family this summer.

Clement Park

A family favorite known for its mountain and lake views, Clement Park in Littleton features several play structures, including an inclusive playground with adaptive swings, a zero-step merry-go-round, and multiple ramps. In addition, the park has an abundance of open space, including an amphitheater, a lake, and trails perfect for exploring with your little one.

LuBird’s Playground at Stanley Marketplace

Opened in 2021, LuBird’s Playground in Aurora was designed to accommodate all children in Denver. The 9,000 square feet of outdoor space features sensory play equipment, ramps, wheelchair-accessible spinners and swings, smooth surfacing, and supportive swings that provide support for a child’s neck and back. Families love this park for its vibrantly colored designs, treehouse, roller slides, and so much more. 

Red-Tailed Hawk Park

One of the first inclusive parks in the Denver metro, Red-Tailed Hawk Park encourages sensory play with a variety of inclusive play equipment. Children of all abilities can enjoy a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round, adaptive swings, rubber surfacing, musical instruments, and a sensory garden. The park also features a splash pad, wetland boardwalk, and plenty of open space to enjoy.

Veterans Memorial Park

Located in Commerce City, this 2.6-acre park welcomes everyone with its inclusive and enjoyable features. Kids and families can have a blast here with regular and adaptive swings, a merry-go-round accessible to wheelchairs, and smooth rubber surfaces throughout the playground. Plus, there’s a special nature play area where children can explore hollow logs and play in a sandbox, stimulating their senses and sparking their imagination

Westminster Sensory Park

For more than 17 years, Westminster Sensory Park has provided a fun and inclusive park for families of all abilities. The wavy sidewalk, supportive swings, and handmade brightly colored fish throughout the park provide endless fun for children. Additionally, the park features a sand pit, wheelchair-accessible picnic tables, and a paved walking trail for accessible outdoor fun.  

Additional Sensory-Friendly Fun 

In addition to playgrounds, there are many other sensory-friendly attractions to explore in Denver. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosts free sensory-friendly events several times per year so families of all abilities can enjoy the museum in a comfortable setting. Noise-canceling headphones, wiggle seats, and fidget tools are available to access during sensory-friendly events. Families can enjoy free admission to the Denver Botanic Gardens during sensory-friendly mornings scheduled throughout the summer months. The Butterfly Pavilion hosts a sensory-friendly afternoon each month that allows families to experience the exhibits with limited admission, quiet tones, and subdued lighting.  The Downtown Aquarium provides a calm and quiet environment to enjoy the exhibits on the second Sunday of each month for sensory-sensitive guests.