Employment and Contractor Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

There are no employment opportunities available at this time.

Contractor Opportunities


DPP is seeking an Auditor that has extensive experience with nonprofit organizations, State and Federal government contracts, and organizations with multiple funding sources. Please CLICK HERE for more information, including services required, proposal requirements, organizational background, and more.

Submission Period: May 5, 2023, through June 5, 2023. No proposals will be accepted after the deadline. Proposals should be emailed to Rebekah Ray, Director of Finance, at Rebekah@dpp.org.

SEEKING PROPOSALS – Human Resources Consultant

DPP is seeking proposals from qualified firms, contractors, and agencies to provide human resource services for the staff and administration of the organization. Contractors should have extensive experience with nonprofit organizations, government contracts, and educational organizations. As the organization seeks to create systemic, strategic and sustainable organizational infrastructure, we are seeking proposals to support our human resource needs outlined in two phases: infrastructure build out and long-term support. An interested vendor can apply for one or both phases outlined here.

Submission Period: May 10, 2023, through June 12, 2023. No proposals will be accepted after the deadline. Proposals should be emailed to Ellen Braun, Chief Operating Officer at ellen@dpp.org.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Evaluations and Compliance, Quality Assurance Program

DPP is seeking proposals from qualified Offerors to support DPP in their Quality Assurance efforts. The general scope of work for the QAP follows a random sample of the DPP student population from the application process through the payment of tuition credits to preschool providers. To achieve this objective, the QAP reviews documentation for student attendance, proof of residency, program participation levels, and payment amounts; from DPP to providers, and from providers to parents. 

The scope of work of the QAP Consultant is to determine whether the organization’s network of risk management, control, and governance processes, as designed and represented by management, is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure:

  • Significant financial, managerial, and operating information is accurate, reliable, and timely.
  • DPP, provider and contractor actions are in compliance with policies, standards, procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Program policies are adhered to.
  • Quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the organization’s control process.
  • Opportunities for improving management control, compliance, and achieving the organization’s objectives are identified during reviews (when applicable).
  • Review findings are communicated to the appropriate level of management and governance.

For additional information including program details, submitting inquiries, the proposal submission and review process, and more, please click here. Proposal Submission Deadline: June 28, 2023 @ 4:00 p.m. MT