Tuition Credits = Choice and Flexibility

For Mary Donachy, a mother of 3, Denver Preschool Program tuition credits made a difference in paying for the right-fit preschool. 

“The credits made a tremendous impact on our family, and I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the support,” said Mary, who, like many families, first heard about Denver Preschool Program tuition credits when she was looking for a preschool for her oldest daughter. Unsure she’d qualify for support, Mary discovered tuition credits are available for all families living in Denver, regardless of income, neighborhood, or immigration status. 

“Having tuition credits made the difference between our family choosing full-time preschool rather than half-time, and the credits have adjusted to our changing household, which has been so important,” she said. 

Mary was married when her family first applied for tuition credits. After her divorce, she then became a single-income household. 

“I appreciated the extra support, especially when our household was adjusting in many ways,” she said. “DPP’s tuition credits scaled based on our needs.” 

Mary’s two older children, who are 9 and 6, attended Garden Place Academy’s Montessori program, a Denver Public Schools site in Globeville, for preschool and now elementary school. Mary had attended a Montessori preschool as a child and wanted the same learning environment for her children.

“Having a preschool program that’s accessible, high quality, affordable, and in public schools is so critical,” she said. “So many kids don’t have many or any options for preschool, and it’s so profoundly important for kids to have a place to go and learn, build relationships outside of the home, and grow.” 

The benefits of tuition credits provided more than a financial benefit for Mary’s family.

“Tuition credits also allowed me to choose a job that I’m passionate about–one that is meaningful and socially impactful rather than one that’s just based on a paycheck,” said Mary, who is an attorney and now works for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  

Mary’s youngest child started preschool this fall. While her family doesn’t need the same financial support they once did, Mary is grateful for Denver Preschool Program’s tuition credits. 

Mary is a strong advocate for preschool. Both her daughter and son formed valuable relationships with their peers and teachers. Her daughter, who struggled with reading, now loves to read, and her son thrived in learning and accomplishing new skills. 

“Preschool helped them build their social skills, practical life skills, and confidence, in addition to providing a solid academic foundation when they entered kindergarten,” she said.

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