Get Tuition Credits

Get Tuition Support

We know the cost of a high-quality preschool can be a challenge for families of all income levels. That is why we provide monthly tuition credits to parents/guardians of 4-year-olds. Download an application using the buttons below.

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Tuition Support Guidelines

We offer tuition credit to families who meet the following criteria:

  • Your family must live within the City and County of Denver
  • Your child must be 4-years-old on or before Oct. 1 of the current school year
  • Your child must be enrolled at a participating DPP preschool 

How To Sign Up

1. Enroll your child in a participating preschool. Use our Find a Preschool tool and How to Choose a Preschool Checklist to get started. Please contact the school of your choice directly to apply.

If you plan on enrolling your child in a Denver Public Schools (DPS) preschool program, please complete the DPS parent application, which can be downloaded from the DPS website or picked up at the school. The Denver Preschool Program forms are included in DPS application materials.

2. Download, print and complete a DPP application for tuition support. You will need to provide proof of one month’s income, verification of your child’s age and verification of your home address. See the application for a complete list of acceptable documents. Full online applications are unavailable at this time.

Families who choose not to provide income information can still receive tuition support, but at a reduced rate.

Tuition Support Application (English)

Tuition Support Application (Spanish)

3. Mail, fax or email your completed application and any supporting documents to:

Denver Preschool Program

P.O. Box 40037
Denver, CO 80204-0037
Fax: 303-295-1750


4. Receive an acceptance letter. Approximately eight (8) business days after you submit a complete application, we will send you and your chosen preschool an acceptance letter with the amount of tuition support your family will receive. Tuition credits are paid directly to the preschool, which will deduct it from your monthly bill.