Research & Results

Benefits of preschool

Why Preschool Is Important

The evidence is clear. Children who attend high quality preschool programs not only have a stronger foundation in early language, literacy and math skills, but they are also more likely to graduate high school, attend college and make meaningful contributions to their communities. These rewards are especially great for children who typically have less access to high quality early learning experiences such as dual-language learners, those with special needs or children from low-income families. 

That’s why we are committed to making high quality preschool possible for all Denver children. 

“Preschool is more than play; it is an opportunity to give all children a solid start in life.”

Jennifer Landrum, Former President & CEO of DPP

Helping Denver Realize Its Investment

Thanks to Denver voters’ investment in early childhood education, our community is one of few in the nation that uses city sales tax revenue to make high quality preschool accessible to all families. To help ensure it yields positive results, the Denver Preschool Program conducts annual in-depth evaluations and preschool research of past and present participants to measure the program’s short- and long-term benefits.

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