Monthly Attendance Report Form

For Providers: New Monthly Attendance Reporting Form

Dear Providers: 

We’re happy to offer you a new tool that you can choose to use to report your monthly attendance to DPP. 

While you all must report attendance, no provider is required to use this new form. It’s offered with the idea that it will provide some of you with a simpler, less time-consuming method of reporting. If the attendance reporting process that you have been using is easy for your program, then don’t make any changes. We will continue to accept attendance reports in formats that you have used in the past.

Below find three attachments. The first provides simple directions to use the attendance reporting tool. The second is the reporting tool that you can use should you choose to fax the document to our offices. The final document is an Excel spreadsheet that you can complete each month and email to our offices. 

Another positive change that we’ll be rolling out this month is our End of Month reports that accompany your monthly payments. A team worked together to streamline this tool so that it better meets your needs. Many thanks to all of our providers who worked with us to update both the Attendance Form and the End of Month report! 

We welcome feedback as you experiment with both tools. If you have any questions about the form, DPP student attendance, or monthly payments, don’t hesitate to call us at 303-595-4DPP (4377).


Eileen Piper

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Word) (84 KB)

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Excel) (84 KB)