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Welcome to the Denver Preschool Program News and Press Center

At the heart of our city’s commitment to early education is the Denver Preschool Program. Here, we provide you with timely updates, news, media spotlights and insights related to our initiatives, success stories, and the work we do. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and keeping our community informed about the progress we’re making to ensure every Denver child has access to quality preschool education.

If you’re a journalist, blogger, or media professional looking for more detailed information, insights, or interviews, we welcome you to reach out directly. Our Director of Communications and Engagement, Irene Bonham, is your point of contact for all media inquiries:

Irene Bonham (she/her)
Director of Communications and Engagement
720.287.5055 ext. 180

Stay tuned for all the latest from the Denver Preschool Program, and thank you for your interest and support.