Denver Preschool Program

Denver Preschool Program

We make preschool possible for all 4-year olds within the city – regardless of neighborhood or socio-economic status, through tuition support and access to information.

At Denver Preschool Program we are a champion for quality, accessible preschool across our community.

We increase the quality of preschool by providing resources and quality measures to preschool partners, and by leading the conversation around early childhood education with policymakers and the public.

We are the community’s advocate for raising awareness and communicating the importance of preschool as the foundation of a formal education. The more our children learn at 4, the better they read at 8, and the more self-sufficient and productive they are at 30.

A child’s path to lifelong learning begins from the very earliest stages of development. The more young children we expose to quality preschool, the better our chances for raising the bar of learning and increasing the success of tomorrow’s workforce.

Approved by voters in 2006 and renewed in 2014, the Denver Preschool Program makes high quality preschool possible for all Denver families.