Denver Preschool Program

For Families

Tuition Support

The Denver Preschool Program's tuition credits help Denver families pay for high quality preschool for their 4-year-olds. The amount of support a family receives depends on family size and income, the quality of the preschool chosen, and the child's level of attendance. Denver Preschool Program tuition credits are available for ALL Denver families - regardless of income - with a child in their last year of preschool before kindergarten.

Quality Choices

Families can choose from more than 250 preschools in the metro Denver area. Eighty-five percent of our preschool partners have earned one of our highest quality ratings.

  • Use our Find a Preschool tool to explore preschools where DPP tuition credits apply.
  • Check out how we measure quality.

Preschoolers do better

Independent evaluation says that the vast majority of the nearly 5,000 children participating each year leave the Denver Preschool Program ready for kindergarten – socially, emotionally and academically. Students who attend high quality preschools, like those supported by the Denver Preschool Program, are more likely to graduate high school, own a home and have a well-paying job as adults.

Enroll Your Child Now

To qualify you must live in the City and County of Denver and your child must be in their last year of preschool before kindergarten at a participating DPP program.
Still confused? Click here to download our Preschool Checklist, which will help you choose the right preschool for your child.