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There are no employment opportunities at this time.

Contractor Opportunities

The Denver Preschool Program is pleased to release the Request for Proposal (RFP) for management of its Quality Assurance Program.


Quality Assurance Program RFP Questions and Final Responses

1.) Is the budget based only on the 24 schools randomly selected or should this also include any ad hoc requests and new school joining DPP for the first time?

The maximum contract budget is inclusive of the 24 randomly selected schools as well as any forced audits and additional schools joining DPP for the first time. Offerors are encouraged to submit a budget that will provide the highest quality service with the lowest possible cost.


2.) When running any ad hoc/forced audits and new school QAPs, does it include sampling five children or would it include all DPP children?

The additional audit requests should mirror the typical QAP report.


3.) Will there be QAPs for Summer providers?

Yes, DPP will be asking the QA Consultant to run an audit every month of the program year (September through August), which means that schools open during the summer months will be reviewed based on this model.


4.) Will there be a risk-based adjustments (e.g. capturing DPS, religious, and small size providers) or will QAPs be selected strictly at random?

The current QAP contract does account for risk-based adjustments, and we expect to continue that through this next iteration of the program. Should we move away from the current model we would seek the support of the QA Consultant to ensure an efficient and effective sampling.


5.) Will there be a moratorium on repeat QAPs where a provider will not be selected for a QAP within a certain amount of time of a past QAP?

The intention of the DPP Board of Directors is to review compliance for all participating providers before auditing a school that has already completed a QAP. We will be seeking the support from the QA Consultant to determine the specifics around a moratorium on repeat providers.


6.) Who is the current QAP consultant?

DPP currently contracts with the Flahive Group to execute the Quality Assurance Program.


7.) Are the formal follow-ups determined through a recommendation of the QAP conducted by the QAP consultant or DPP management?

DPP prefers any follow-up to be conducted by DPP management, where appropriate.


8.) The first scoring item in the proposal references a “Transition Continuity Plan”, is this a transition plan from the old contract to the new contract or a transition plan for the proposed contract into a future contract?

The transition plan outlined in the scoring rubric refers to the transition into this new contract as of September 1, 2018.


9.) Is there a transition agreement with the current QAP contractor?

DPP’s contract with the current QAP consultant outlines a transition plan and the requirement to cooperate and coordinate with DPP for the transition of relevant records with any successor contractor.


10.) Will the Quality Assurance Program have an expanded portion, such as a deeper review of extended-day and/or part-time?

As the RFP is outlined, there is no expectation at this time for a deeper review of any portion of the scope of work.


11.) How often does the QAP committee meet?

The QAP committee will meet quarterly.


12.) Do you have access to sites that are closed during the summer in order to get information from them or in the summer months are we only looking at providers open in the summer?

A QAP will be randomly selected based on attendance reports for a particular month, therefore only schools submitting attendance for the summer months would be reviewed.


13.) Are the previous QAP reports public? If so, is it possible to receive them?

The length of time needed to pull all QAP reports would take us beyond the RFP period; however, we will accommodate your request by providing additional samples here. The samples have redacted the name of the school audited and any other confidential information.