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Provider Enrollment

2021-2022 New Provider Application (1.12 MB)

2021-2022 Provider Agreements: Denver – Center | Denver – Home Provider | Outside of Denver: Center – Home

DPP Insurance Request Form (English & Spanish) (450 KB)

Provider Web Profile Form (English & Spanish) (267 KB)

Vehicle Insurance Waiver (English & Spanish) (388 KB)

W-9  (English) (251 KB)

W-9 (Spanish) (133 KB)

Workers Compensation Insurance Waiver (English & Spanish) (289 KB)

Provider Change Request Form (English & Spanish) (371 KB)


Faith-Based Providers Policy (English & Spanish)

Mid-Month Changes in Application Status (English & Spanish)

Out-of-City Providers (English & Spanish)

Programming Hours (English & Spanish)

Quality Ratings

Colorado Shines Program Guide (1052 KB)

Colorado Shines Point Structure Guide (963 KB)

Five Steps to Professional Development Information System Success (2974 KB)

Pre-K CLASS® Observation Overview (554 KB)

NAEYC Accreditation Four Steps Overview

Quality Improvement

DPP Achievement Awards 2020-2021 (English)

Teachstone CLASS® Video Library Instructions (English and Spanish) (299 KB)

Family Enrollment

DPP Scholarship – Promotional Toolkit (English and Spanish)

Preschool for 3s – FAQ | Family Letter (Spanish version)

Enrollment Process (English) (198 KB)

Enrollment Process (Spanish) (334 KB)

Family Enrollment Overview (English and Spanish)

Parent Application (English) (307 KB)

Parent Application (Spanish) (317 KB)

Parent Enrollment Tipsheet (English and Spanish)

DPP Head Start Application (English) (249 KB)

DPP Head Start Application (Spanish) (156 KB)

DPP Head Start Enrollment Spreadsheet – To be completed by program staff (472 KB)

DPP Application – Income Affidavit (English) (121 KB)

DPP Application – Income Affidavit (Spanish) (187 KB)

Tuition Credit Payments

2020-2021 Tuition Credit Scale

2021-2022 Tuition Credit Scale

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Excel – English) – Additional information for DPP Scholarship attendance

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Excel – Spanish)

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Word – English)

Monthly Attendance Reporting Form (Word – Spanish)

Tuition and Revenue Table (Excel – English)

Tuition and Revenue Table (Excel – Spanish)

Payment Process Overview (English)

Payment Process Overview (Spanish)

SAMPLE Provider Payment Notification Form